First version of the Code Maven Static Site Generator

The first public version of the Code Maven Static Site Generator.

I started this project as a replacement of the code behind the Code Maven and Perl Maven sites and to learn Rust while doing so.

The code behind those two site was started in May 2012 using the Perl Dancer framework. It went through a lot of unplanned changes and it had a registration system and allowed the site maintainer (that was be me) to offer paid content as well. It worked quite well, but it felt a bit too complex for what I wanted to create for the Rust Maven site.

That was another excellent excuse to build a new system.

At first I even tried one of the existing Rust-based Static Code Generators, but somehow I could not get it working easily.

So here I am, using this system for already 3 of my web sites and also to generate the web pages of this project.

There is plenty of work to do to be able to convert the other two sites to use this system, but I am making progress and I think I arrived to the point where others might also give it a try.

I'd love to see some people experimenting with it and opening issues when they encounter problems. That would encourage me to make the system more generic.